Family Resource Center encourages parents to feed babies' brains by reading aloud

Did you feed your baby's brain today?  That's a question the Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center and its partner, Read Aloud 15 MINUTES, want parents and caregivers everywhere to answer with a resounding, "Yes!"

The Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center is extending the important mission by sharing "Let's Talk: Nourishment," a series of messages during October that encourages parents to seize responsibility for nourishing their children's brains as well as their bodies.  The Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center and national nonprofit Read Aloud 15 MINUTES are united behind the idea that when children everywhere are read aloud to for at least 15 minutes every day, from birth, it will change the face of education in the United States.

"From the moment babies are born, parents devote so much energy to keeping their children well nourished," said Read Aloud 15 MINUTES founder Dr. Candace Kendle.  "We want parents to make the connection that babies' brains are also in need of food: brain food."

Brain food comes in the form of exposure to vocabulary; knowledge-building; and rich interactions with loved ones.  Reading aloud checks all of these "nutritional" boxes. 

"One of the best activities for nourishing a baby's brain is reading aloud together for at least 15 minutes every day from birth," she said.
During October, the Aliso Viejo Family Resource Center will join more than 900 other Read Aloud 15 MINUTES partners throughout the country to help spread this important movement by sharing the "Let's Talk: Nourishment" messages with residents.  As a Read Aloud 15 MINUTES partner, the Family Resource Center participates in three annual "pulses" centered around the importance of daily reading aloud.

Read Aloud 15 MINUTES is a nonprofit organization that is working to make reading aloud every day for at least 15 minutes the new standard in child care. For more information, visit: