Blood Pressure Monitoring

Your health is important to us, which is why we take your blood pressure at each periodic check-up in our office. A blood pressure reading over 120/80 is considered high. One in three people have hypertension or high blood pressure and are not aware of it. We offer blood pressure monitoring at no extra charge, because we understand how important keeping your blood pressure under control is to your cardiovascular health within our office. Sometimes blood pressure is increased due to anxiety and stress associated with visiting the dentist. We may recommend using a sedative the night before or during treatment to make sure you are comfortable. In addition, our soothing atmosphere and special “pampering” features such as neck pillows, blankets and headphones with your choice of music or movies will help you to relax.If you have high blood pressure, we will advise you to do the following before your dentist appointment: .Get a good night's sleep .Avoid caffeine .Eat a regular meal .Allow ample time to get to your dentist appointment We take every measure to make sure you are comfortable during your visit. It is our goal to cater to the needs of each patient, and to provide the gentle, relaxing dental care that makes you forget you’re at the dentist!